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We Are Not Alone

The Ninth Sunday after Pentecost in Year C 21 July 2013  The Episcopal Church of the Ascension Deacon Christian
Lectionary Readings Amos 8:1-12 Psalm 52 Colossians 1:15-28 Luke 10:38-42
*Disclaimer:  The text below captures about 85% of what was said on Sunday morning.  I like to leave a little room for the Spirit to blow through in the moment, so there may be a few places where the audio and text don’t match up.  A special thanks to the women of the lectionary study whose content may not have shown up in recognizable ways, but whose inspiration is all over this text.  
Dante J Vaghi is a UFO expert.  His office is the Sycamore Diner in the sleepy little New England town of Bethel, CT.   If you ever happen to belly up to the counter at the Sycamore, Dante will waste no time in coming over to you.  He’ll smile and introduce himself as the local welcoming committee, and then he’ll lean in and whisper, “We are not alone.”   He’ll then straighten up and announce in a more declarative voice, “No sir…
Pentecost III, Year C June 15, 2013 Episcopal Church of the Ascension The Reverend Dr. Howard J. Hess Reconciliation: The Next Right Step
I. Introduction. Reconciliation. At the very heart of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the quest for reconciliation. I believe that this is so because at the very core of our being is an undeniable need to be one with God and with his Son, and through the dynamic energy of the Holy Spirit, one with one another. But the quest for reconciliation is no simple process. It is filled twists and turns, unexpected bumps, losses, and re-unions, triumphs, and scars. And in the midst of it all there is the inexplicable person Jesus Christ. As clearly evidenced in today’s Gospel, when Jesus shows up, we are likely to be surprised, challenged, and changed. This morning I encourage us to focus upon the truth that each of us is on a spiritual journey, needing to discern and take “the next right step” on the path to reconciliation. The concept of…

The Harvest is Plentiful

The Rev. Robert P. Travis Seventh Sunday after Pentecost Sermon – 8 and 10:30am Eucharist Services, Church of the Ascension, Knoxville TN July 7th, 2013
Scripture Text: 2 Kings 5:1-14, Psalm 30, Galatians 6:1-16; Luke 10:1-11

Sermon Text: Our mission team has returned from Bolivia. And our mission there is becoming robust as Fr. Brett has lead five mission teams there. Our local mission work through Family Promise continues to offer hospitality, housing and help to those who struggle right here, and we just finished hosting families this last week. And our work with Fish Hospitality Pantries continues to grow, which you'll hear about next week.
Certainly Ascension has come a long way, and is sharing in the joy that we enjoy, and we are being sent out to many places, where the Lord desires to go. As I read the psalm we recited this morning, I was moved by how Ascension as a community can hear it's voice in the words of the psalmist. Not too many years ago, a priest at Ascension was heard tell…

Youth Sermon

June 9, 2013 Lauralei Kraski
SERMON I was very blessed, it seems, to have been given the readings that were dealt to me about the widow of Zarephath and Nain (NAY-IN), you see, they have very symbolic similarities. In both the Old Testament reading and the Gospel, we see a widow facing suffering and even death, yet she is saved by the grace of God in her darkest hour. Why? That is the question that we as Christians, as humans, are always asking, isn’t it? Why? Why did God choose to help these widows and their sons? Why not help someone else? Why did they deserve that compassion? There are so many obstacles that we face every day; so many seemingly uphill battles. And we have so many questions regarding these battles! Why do we even try? Why are we here? Why? I can see you all now looking up at me, silently pondering, “Does she really have the answer?” Well no. No I don’t. Well then, why did I waste my time with that string of rhetorical questions? I believe that With God, every answer- e…