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Wait for the Lord

The Rev. Robert P. Travis th​
5​th Sunday of Epiphany Sermon – 7:45 (exclude parenthetical sections), 9 and 11:15am Service, Church of the Ascension, Knoxville TN
Scripture Text: Isaiah 40:21­31, Psalm 147:1­12,21c, 1 Corinthians 9:16­23, Mark 1:29­-39 

Sermon Text:
I imagine for some of us,
Maybe as many as half of us,
Hearing the beginning of our Gospel reading today Caused some eye rolling,
As we hear the account of a woman who was sick Peter’s mother­-in­-law,
And when she was healed,
what did she do?
She did what women have for so long been compelled to do.
She got up and began to serve her male guests.
That may make us laugh, or grimace, But the message of our scripture today Is found, in part, in that very moment.
Serving each other,
Whether you’re a woman or a man,
Is a significant part of what God puts us here to do. But the part that makes us groan about that joke,
Is that many of the women among us,
And not a few of the men,
Often feel overburdened by the service
We feel oblig…