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If it Ain’t got that Swing Rob Gieselmann, August 30, 2015
Last weekend I was in Tucson, Arizona, taking my daughter Tilly to college.Early Saturday morning, while sipping coffee on the hotel patio, I suddenly heard a ruckus off to my right. I looked up – and saw a brace of ducks in a brawl. Four ducks, chasing the fifth, all squawking wildly, wings flapping angrily. The four caught the fifth, pinned him down by his neck. And started pecking at him.
The attackers reminded me of playground bullies, or perhaps church gone bad!Now, I’m not fully functional early mornings, but this seemed like a justice issue. I pulled myself out of my chair, and chased the ducks scattering them, and ending the feud.*You know of-course, the Pharisees were ducks attacking Jesus, trying to pin him down? Why don’t your discipleswash their hands before eating? They asked, insincerely. Wash their hands? As in, check to see that there’s no dirt under the nails? The Pharisees sound like school marms – show me your h…