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The Boundary of the Ocean Rob Gieselmann, Pent. 24B, Oct. 18, 2015
Seven or eight years ago, I kicked a sabbatical off with a short camping trip. I drove to Big Sur, and pitched my tent on a cliff, high above the Pacific Ocean.The nights were deep and dark. No moon, no light pollution, only stars. Millions of them, their ancient light, piercing the eternal veil –
Several shooting stars flew high above, as I sat there, alone with God. One, and then another, and one of them flew so low above me, it seemed larger than any I’d ever seen before – Fiery orange, and the size of my fist, and I thought to myself – if I listen hard enough, I’ll hear it splash into the Pacific … The thought was foolish, and the meteor landed miles away. I’m sure.The stillness of that night, the holiness of that dark, and the only sound besides my heartbeat was the low rumble of waves that kept pushing in vain against the craggy coast. Those waves seemed to think they could alter the ocean’s boundaries. The swells mo…
Hope Defiant Pent. 23B, 2015, Rob Gieselmann
I don’t know about you, but I’m wondering, why the rich man didn’t argue with Jesus.
Think about it – The man was honorable.And unlike the Pharisees, he didn’t try to either manipulate Jesus or obfuscate the law for selfish purposes.Instead, he lived a life Moses would have been proud of. He was honest as the day is long, he didn’t commit adultery, and he brought honor to his parents.
And now he is seeking spiritual direction, and that from Jesus, the rabbi. Jesus loved him, Mark tells us.Loved him, a phrase peculiarly out of place in this story, especially if the story is one only about money.It is a story about money – but far more. Upon loving the man, Jesus advised him to divest. Sell it all, and give the money to the poor, then you will inherit life. But what I want to know – like I said – is this:Why didn’t the man argue with Jesus?Job argued with God, literally, like a lawyer.He filed a complaint, a metaphoric lawsuit.I have lived a right…