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Keep Running

The Reverend Christopher Hogin  Keep Running   2 Corinthians 4:3-6  The Episcopal Church of the Ascension, Knoxville, TN  February 11, 2018 
In 2001, I ran a marathon in Washington, DC. It was physically and mentally grueling. It was also a spiritual awakening that became for me a metaphor for life. In those four hours of running I experienced youth, middle-age, old age, death, and resurrection.   The race took place on a bright, cool October day. At the starting line, I was filled with nervous energy. Like a youth, I was ready to conquer the race. Jumping up and down, I had grand expectations. With the sound of the bell, I lit off into the crowd. The first two miles were a breeze. I barely broke a sweat. It was exciting and fun. Everything was crisp and vivid. The race was full of joy. The music pumped and the people cheered.   At mile 10, the novelty wore off. The course thinned. There was little cheering. The scenery was dull, and the running repetitive. I was tired, bored and restless.  B…