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The Call to LoveThird Sunday after Epiphany, Year B, January 25, 2015 Episcopal Church of the AscensionThe Reverend Dr. Howard J. Hess
I. Introduction. Approximately eight years ago, I received a call to become the priest-in-charge of The Episcopal Church of the Ascension. The story of that call is known by many of you here this morning. The abridged version goes something like this. I had been asked by several members of the church I served in Aiken, South Carolina, to apply to become their priest-in-charge. I decided to meet with Bishop Charles von Rosenberg to seek his advice. The Bishop advised me wisely, and I decided not to apply. But in the course of our conversation, the topic turned to Ascension, and looking at the Bishop I remarked, “Perhaps at some point I can help you there.” I had no idea where that response came from, and I was aware it was unsolicited and could sound arrogant. “Yes,” he said, and noted that he had recently been praying and had had that same thought while…
The Second Sunday After Epiphany John 1:43-51 “The In-Breaking” Perhaps it does sound childish to some, spiritually immature maybe, or theologically incorrect.  I even catch myself trying to explain it away sometimes, but in the end I know, at my gut, in my heart, at my core, that I have experienced God.  I have experienced God, in a dream that disturbed me, in a storm that showed me a sign, in a mountain that moved me, in a smile that soothed, a hand that healed, in a silence that spoke.  I have felt God in the darkness of death, and heard God in the miracle of life.  For me, this is ultimately undeniable. So I wonder, how do You hear the voice of God?  What are those moments in your life when the veil has been pierced, when you’ve seen clearly even if only for a moment?  When have you experienced an In-Breaking of the Spirit?  What is Your Epiphany story?  These are the things that the season of Epiphany is about.  Not just the revealing of Christ to the world back then, but the i…

Incarnation - God Identifies Even with Adolescence

The Rev. Robert P. Travis Second Sunday of Christmas Sermon– 7:45 (exclude parenthetical sections), 9 and 11:15am Service, Church of the Ascension, Knoxville TN - RCL  1/4/2015