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Shout it Out!

Shout it Out! Lent 1A 2017, Rob Gieselmann
1. In Michael Punke’s novel, The Revenant, Pawnee Indians attack and capture the protagonist, Hugh Glass, first with arrows, shooting him in the leg, and then with a rock weapon, bashing his skull.
Glass blacks out. When he wakes-up, he finds he isshackled, hands and feet, and the Pawnee tribe is watching him from a stone’s throw away. He knows he is going to die. So Glass turns onto his side in a way they cannot see his subtle movements -
He pulls a cinnabar rock he has saved in his shirt pocket. With the rock, he paints his face red.Next he rolls onto his stomach – it is a gesture the Pawnee take to be religious, like a prayer before death.
The chief sends two braves over to Glass – And when they get within several feet of him –
Glass jumps up on his feetignoring the sharp pain from the arrow
and faces the braves, and the entire tribe. The Pawnee are shocked – for there Glass stands, his face blood red as though his skin had been ripped awa…