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The Enemy

The Enemy Rob Gieselmann Epiph 5A, Feb 2, 2017
I was sitting on the back deck of our house in California.We lived on the side of a hill, so the deck overlooked the neighborhood and the valley below. It was Friday, my day off, and I was pretending to read a novel – only I had shut my eyes, and was daydreaming. Suddenly, in my dreams – or was it real? – I heard this most exquisite, symphonic sound. Now normally, I don’t like crows. They caw and cackle, they swarm, and they dive-bomb songbirds’ nests, to steal hatchlings.They are murderers, which is, I suppose, why they call a flock of crows: a murder of crows. Only this particular murder of crows - sounded exquisite. And it was not a dream. Flying from the hills above me, now passing around me from both sides of the house, were well over a hundred crows, maybe two hundred - fanning out into the valley below. Their cawing was, if you can believe it,the most perfect natural sound I think I’ve ever heard… … despite their murderous mission. You…