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Death Token: Alive Again Easter 3C, April 10, 2016, Rob Gieselmann
My seminary colleague, Suzanna Metz, writes that the Apostle Paul was a God-fearing Jew – before his Damascus Road experience.Hence, she claims, his was not so much a conversion as it was a transformation. He experienced the risen Christ and therefore grew from the experience.
I can’t agree. Paul may have been religiously devout, but he was antagonistic to those who threatened his world, particularly Christians, and he was murderous, acquiescing as they threw their cloaks at his feet so they could kill Stephen. But I do think Suzanna’s claim about Paul could apply to Peter – His was more of transformation than it was conversion. Yes, Peter denied Jesus three times right before the crucifixion, but, then, who hasn’t denied Christ in some form or fashion in their lives? Peter was, like we find ourselves sometimes, dazed and confused.
*** This scene at the beach is surreal - like a dream. The sun isn’t up, yet. And the pre-dawn …